September 11, 2001...A Date That Will Live In Infamy...

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Welcome to the (new and improved) SCOTT HERZEG Homepage!

Let me introduce myself...

1. I am currently currently attending the Harvard Avenue Free Church which is a church in the Evangelical Free Church denomination.

2. I am married to a wonderful woman, Anne.

3. I have three beautiful children. My eldest is my son, named Isaac. My little sweetheart and middle child is Carolyn. Daniel, "the child of my autumn years," is my youngest. We are blessed with three and three is all we are going to have.

4. I have been a ham radio operator for over 25 years.

5. Though it is odd for a man over fourty to list it, I am a graduate of Lane Technical High School, the crown jewel of the Chicago public high school system (and quite possibly one of the best schools in the nation...but then I'm biased.) There may be schools that produce students who "test" better, but a student who has been graced with a Lane Tech education is given academic and technical experience that can and does shape his or her future in a positive way to a great extent. Sadly, in this age of "throw-facts-at-them-give-them-a-passing-grade-and-then-push-them-out" mentalities so prevalent in education today that is a rare commodity. "Wherever you go, whatever you do..."

6. I am, not surprisingly, interested in computers (check out the geek code, below.) My degree will be in the data processing or computer science category as soon as I can finish it. One of these years. I hope.

7. I work as a programmer, UNIX systems guru and information services technician for a company concentrated in medical collections. I also do computer work as an independent contractor.

8. Through my experiences with Unix and Linux I have come to appreciate them over anything that comes out of Redmond, Washington. Following are the Smolt profiles of my Linux boxes (at least the ones I keep running long enough to maintain a Smolt profile):

9. Do you know what a geek code is? Here is mine:

--------------- BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK ---------------
Version: 3.12
GCS/CM/IT/GS d+(-) s-: a C+++ A+++>++++ H+++>++++
L+++>++++ W++ N+ w O- M V(-) PS-(--) PE Y PGP+(++)
t+(++) 5-(--) X- R tv+ b+++ DI++++ D-- G e>++++*
h-- r+++ y?
---------------- END GEEK CODE BLOCK ----------------

(For details about the geek code go to

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